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librguy221 asked:

Want to say that i love your videos, very great and thorough reviews, and would like to ask if it's possible for you to make a video review where you are fully hard throughout the video?? at least for us here on tumblr and Vimeo please!

Happy to hear that. I’ll think about it :-)

simplebeauty2 asked:

hey, undieguy, just letting you know I'm impressed with all your videos. Love your form, your cock (even though i can just see the outline), and the way you model those underwear with an amazing uhm uhm (bulge). Now Im imagining how you would look without the briefs or the jockstraps or the thongs. So just wondering if you post any nude vids of yourself, you know, first with the undies and then without the undies? Just a thought. But i really luv the vids. Thanks man.

Thanks a ton. Thrilled that you like them so much. I try to keep them professional. I don’t have any nude vids I’m afraid since I’m not really a porn star or as talented as they are ;-)

simplebeauty2 asked:

hey saileshg, just being curious, I'm just kinda guessing right now that most of your audience is gay or bi, but do you think that str8 guys also watch your vids? Are they also interested in wearing these sexy underwear or they only care just wearing FOTL or Hanes boxer briefs or tighty whities as Ive observed in a few locker rooms. Just being curious.

Hey there. I am bisexual. Well yes I would think that my audience comprises a wide variety of guys including straight men. I’ve had some messages from girls who’ve said they watch the vids with their boyfriends. I’m hoping they will take on a sense of style by trying out new undies and styles.

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