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letssureme1 asked:

hi how are u very happy to follow u . i feel u are a right man in right time for all of us who follows . I see 10000 views in you tube and get shocked, really i like ur attitude, u are so humble and appreciate ur simplicity , good keep it up . i feel u are 40 now and u are so good that i even i like u with age diff of 15 , i hope u like young gals too as ur friends and followers

Hey there, thanks so much for your message. Well I’m not 40 yet but I’ll be getting there in two years. Love my young fans both guys and girls!

onyxzone asked:

Do you think only gay or bi men have fascination over underwear and big underwear collection?By the way, I really like your video reviews, keep them coming.

Hey thanks. Yes I do think it is a gay/bi thing mainly but straight men are getting extremely fashion conscious nowadays and dressing up just as much. Their collection may not be as big but they definitely look for stylish stuff now. 

my-undie-fetish asked:

Hey your last video was amazing!!! And about the give away underwear... one of Aussiebum the enlarge IT was the first one I bought because I was wondering if had some kind of way to lift up my bulge because I wasn't comfortable with the view of my bulge and I was searching and I saw that and took a time to buy but when I received I just tried and loved the way the bulge became so great and comfy too!!! I so on I just wear those kind of undies and lot of erotic ones too LOL

Hey there, good to know. I prefer the WonderJock to EnlargIT though. But glad your purchase made you happy. 

kauguy asked:

Super good review video! The Candyman design is strange, but you look good in it. The white Ergowear is fabulous against your skin and hair, and I plan to purchase some. As for the PPU--outrageous in the best sense, front and back, you sexy devil! I hope you'll be able to do the swimwear reviews in the future.

I hope so too! Thanks

undieguylover asked:

Hey! i recently discovered your review videos on youtube and on vimeo. and i love them all and i love your blog as well. i love your work . but don't you think that your fans deserve a sneak peak ? i know you want to keep it professional. but some pics wouldn't make your work "vulgar" at all. ( can't wait to see your pics in PPU boxer. i love the way they look on you ;) )

Hey thanks so much. Well if you want naked guys there’s loads of porn online and guys who look much better than me too! Yes the PPU is pretty awesome

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