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drahc1011 asked:

Hello, undieguy, just letting you know that I like your videos very much, you make greats and thorough reviews, and would like to ask if it's possible for you to make a video review of the Papi Strech Thong in the “anatomically correct position” of your penis throughout the video. I think the thong doesn't give you support enough if you wear it in the "down" position. Thank you for all the videos and reviews.

Hey thank you. I’ll try and see if I can do it. 

monsieurbite asked:

Great review and demonstrations, absolutely love it! Hope you keep up your style :) Some of the underwears look a bit saggy at the balls bit, is it because of incorrect underwear size problem or simply bad design? I love the Body Aware collections, wish you can review more on this line. Cheers

Yes Body Aware are very sexy though not always practical for day to day use. In the aussiebums some of them are a bit loose but the sizes are all Medium. Thank you

billbramham asked:

You are most welcome, Sailesh, I have told you before that I find your face and body and voice and personality extremely attractive. If I may say so, I imagined myself being with you in your bed when you posted the pictures of yourself there. But I do respect and understand your sense of professionalism and would never ever dream of asking you to do anything against it.

Thank you

billbramham asked:

An open letter to all of Undie Guy's fan-Many of us-including me-find him to be extremely attractive and appealing, He has done see-through underwear reviews in the past He has agreed to do more if we can get makers of such underwear to send him samples-as I tried to do recently. He has said that he will consider doing a review in which he is fully erect inside the underwear. Please stop asking him to do anything he keeps saying he feels is not professional. He may just stop making any videos.

Thanks so much Bill, glad you understand and I do have some viewers who appreciate what I’m doing. I’ll always do my vid reviews the way I want them (professionally with a bit of sex appeal) with sensible suggestions from my fans. It just will never be porn or on-demand stripping!

sex1006 asked:

hey hi,,,, though u dont reply me but i m still writing to u,,,, saw ur penis enlarger video ,,,, was not as expected,,, u know the excitement to see ur video always make me horny ;) but i was disappointed watching this,,, hope the second part comes up good,,, i can understand that u cant put up the video using it on youtube or vimeo,,but u could certain upload it on other file sharing sites like rapidgator and put up the link,the least u can do for ur fans is put up some pics here using it

Once again I’d like to mention that my videos are not pornography. There are several porn sites online you can go for getting horny. No I will not be showing how to use it on myself. 

georgaygay asked:

I think that now that you are using a penis enlargement product, in order to verify its legitimacy, i would like to see you strip down, maybe show us how to put it on and that way we can compare now to then. This seems like proffessional nudity, definetly not porny, but in order to show us how and if it works

I’m afraid that would not be permissible by any of the video streaming sites including vimeo. And it wouldn’t be too professional either. I will explain how to use it in detail though. 

omghornymen asked:

Hey There, just discovered ur vids.... what a man. Really hot, love your bulge, I wish I could see more... make sure to chek my blog ;) I might makes u harder x (you should have a Xtube account ;) )

Hello hello. Thank you so much. I will check out your blog for sure and I haven’t considered getting an Xtube account since my vids are professional reviews. Hope you still like them 

hans66blog asked:

hi undie guy, I am an admirer of your Reviews, the PPU Review was realy see-through... I understand, that your fans are oftenly asking for wanna see more, but I also understand your opinion of doing no porn. Now I thouht about a compromise, that satisfies both. A posibility is, to do a Review in which you could show a full hardon inside the underwear. That could satisfy both, your fans as they can imagine, what they are missing and also you, because showing a hardon inside the underwear is no

I will certainly think about doing that

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