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nakedkingsworld asked:

Hi! i like your reviews... and i ordered two of them from aussiebum as well.... Thanks a lot !! and you are awesome! i just love your videos and pics.... ;) waiting to see new one.... Sanket

Hey there. So glad to hear you bought some aussiebums after watching my video review. Hope you liked em. New vids will come soon hopefully. 

mymaleroom asked:

Hey! First of all, I want to say that you are soooo handsome, I wish I could have the chance of dating a guy with your looks. Now, what I want to know is which kind of advice you can provide to bigger guys than normal? I'm size 38, and most of the cool undies I may see online may not fit me at all. Any help here?

Thanks so much. Well most brands have larger sizes and you just have to find a brand that fits you well in that larger size. A 38 waist is still not that big and most brands will have an L or XL size to fit you. 

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