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kianblogxx asked:

Hi there:) I've seen all of ur videos and really appreciate ur work! Wanna see u naked:) ur real hot I mean, properly the hottest guy ever x being naked wont make u become less professional so go for it n i believe everyone here is looking for that perfect body lol. u really turn me on every time I watch ur videos, keep it up man xx love ya so much:)

Thank you so much. I don’t do naked video reviews though. But I appreciate what you mean. Always thought there’s plenty of naked people online for viewers to look at and they’re much better looking and well endowed than I am. Thank you for the sweet message. 

tyto89 asked:

Hello u are so really pretty hand dime and hot, i love your vídeos, i'm a subscriber and a súper fan of you're vídeos. You must to be a model, i'll glad to meet you.

Hello there, thank you. I’m not a model though. Just a regular guy. 

kauguy asked:

Hi again--In an earlier message i forgot to say how much I like your work out vid, where you run your hand across your chest, then down, over your package, and turn to give a side view of your bulge (with a smile). Woof! In your reviews you usually position yourself pointing up, but I prefer down, In future reviews, could you please sometimes show how the undies fit in the down position, too? Thanks, and keep up the great work.

Thank so much again. Yes I’m aware of the affinity of several guys for the down position so I am trying to get that in to my reviews now as you will see from the new aussieBum vids I’ve posted. 

kauguy asked:

Thanks for this blog and the great undie reviews--I like you relaxed, natural delivery. I used to wear briefs but found them uncomfortable; tried boxers and didn't like 'em; you helped me find stuff I love wearing. But I admit I also love you cute face and sweet bod (from all angles). Will you be posting more photos on here soon? You had some hot ones last year in May July and October--especially where you were semi to hard, or shot from slightly below. Thanks!

Hi there, thank you. Yes I will be posting more pics from my recent aussieBum video reviews here this week. 

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